Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just What a Debt-Strapped Country Needs

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson wants America's military ground force expanded to an even million soldiers. Thompson proposes a 775,000-strong army and a 225,000 member marine corps. The Pentagon has said it wants 547,000 soldiers for the army.

Thompson hasn't said just who he'd like to attack with his bigger and better army but I'm sure he's got some place in mind. That seems to be the presidential thing to do these days. His rival, Guiliani, has already said he's in the mood for kicking some third world ass if he gets elected. Mitt Romney wants to double the size of Guantanimo's prison for illegal combattants.

Seriously, folks, these guys are as crazy as outhouse rats.


Oldschool said...

Maybe the troops could help to keep the illegals out of the US.
What would you do with "illegal combatants" . . . "terrorists"? Move them to Parksville???
Spent the weekend in Parksville . . . lovely spot . . . easy to see how you would get such a "rosey" view of the world from that spot!!!

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Parksville is a lovely spot, especially my part of town. What would I do with the terrorists? I'd first prove that's what they were by presenting compelling evidence before a court of law. Then, once I had proved my case and they were duly convicted, I'd put them in prison along with all the other criminals. Of course, if I didn't actually have any evidence, perhaps because there really wasn't any, the court would then acquit them and I'd send them on their way. That's what decent people do.

Mike said...

Using troops to round up "illegals". What a pleasant picture THAT brings to mind. Oldschool like the idea of living in a police state with troops rounding up "illegals" and moving them to someplace especially for "illegal combatants" and "terrorists"...lovely.

Oldschool is officially a fascist. Oh, I know, the protestations will come, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck.

And if you support a police state, using the armed forces to round people up and sending them to places with indefinite detention without trial or charge, you are a fascist. Just like Mussolini, just like the Nazis, just like Franco, just Like Strossener.

And in my book, that makes YOU the enemy to be combated.